The European Continent

Europe is a highly advanced continent, home to many nations and races. Sailing ships from Europe discovered the New World about 200 years ago. Since then emigrants have be streaming out of Europe to live on the American continent.

The Nations of Europe

A Brief History of the European Nations

For centuries the continent was dominated by the Dragonborn Empire in the center of the continent and Teifling Monarchy in eastern Europe, absorbing, dominating, or expelling other races to the far reaches of the continent. These super nations fought many times over the years, until the Great War left both nations in ruins about 500 years ago.

Following the collapse of Europe, the continent was cast into a Dark Age with little technological development. Skirmishes were constance among the various states that would spring up and then be snuffed out on the continent. These brutal conditions last for more than a century.

The Dark Age ended with the birth the Revolution of Magic. The harnessing of the magical forces coincided with the unification of the Human Tribes about 350 years ago. Technological development exploded with the aid of magic. The modern nations began to coalesce of the chaos. Although peace was widespread, old tensions remained. Wars are infrequent, and typically short, territorial disputes.

The Human and Dwarven nations began sending out sailing ships to explore across the ocean, discovering the New World. The first made contact with the Elven Tribes of the forests and the halflings of the rivers.

Now is an age of immigration and exploration. People from all over Europe are headed to the Americas to seek out their destinies. Europe remains highly advanced and settled. Magic powers many conveniences and airships roam the skies. While Europe appears placid, this is a thin veneer over a society were still most are poor, crime is rampant, and old tensions continue to flare up.


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